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Check out the delicious Asian and Sushi offerings on the Yosi Kosher Catering Asian Style Menu.

Asian Style Menu


Check out the Beverage and Dishware available on the Yosi Kosher Catering Beverage/Dishware Menu.

Beverage/Dishware Menu

B'nai Mitzvah

Check out the wonderful B'nai Mitzvah offerings on the Yosi Kosher Catering B'nai Mitzvah Menu.

B'nai Mitzvah Menu

Chocolate Fountain

See how sweet and fun the Chocolate Fountain can be at Yosi Kosher Catering

Chocolate Fountain Menu


Check out our tasty treats on Yosi Kosher Catering Dessert Menu

Dessert Menu

Download PDF Menu

Bourekas: Potato, Mushroom, Cheese, Spinach, and Pizza Varieties
Bruschetta with Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato
Stuffed Pita with Guacamole, or Babaganoush
Cherry Tomatoes filled with Vegetable Couscous or Tuna Fish
Chicken Fingers: Sweet and Sour, Schnitzel, or Sesame Glazed
Chicken Kabobs: Mediterranean Flavor, or Sweet And Sour
Chicken Mini Wellingtons
Chicken Schnitzel on a Stick
Chicken Coconut
Cocktail Franks en Brioche with Mustard
Crepalach: Potato, or Beef
Egg Rolls Vegetarian
Falafel Balls
Franks in a Blanket (Beef Hot Dogs)
Kabanos in a Blanket (Turkey Hot Dogs)
Kibbeh: Veggie, or Mushroom
Knishe: Potato, Beef, Sweet Potato, Kasha or Spinach
Kugel Bites: Squash, Potato, or Jerusalem Noodle
Latkes: Potato with Apple Chutney
Latkes: Sweet Potato with Honey Mustard Sauce
Meatballs: Swedish, Sweet and Sour, or Italian
Moroccan Cigars: Veggie, or Potato
Mushroom Forest Cups
Mushrooms Caps with Quinoa Stuffing
Pastrami Club Roll-Ups
Salmon Club Roll-Ups
Scallion Pancakes with Hoisen Sauce
Spinach And Leeks in Phyllo Cup

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