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Bourekas: Potato, Mushroom, Cheese, Spinach, and Pizza Varieties
Bruschetta with Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato
Stuffed Pita with Guacamole, or Babaganoush
Cherry Tomatoes filled with Vegetable Couscous or Tuna Fish
Chicken Fingers: Sweet and Sour, Schnitzel, or Sesame Glazed
Chicken Kabobs: Mediterranean Flavor, or Sweet And Sour
Chicken Mini Wellingtons
Chicken Schnitzel on a Stick
Chicken Coconut
Cocktail Franks en Brioche with Mustard
Crepalach: Potato, or Beef
Egg Rolls Vegetarian
Falafel Balls
Franks in a Blanket (Beef Hot Dogs)
Kabanos in a Blanket (Turkey Hot Dogs)
Kibbeh: Veggie, or Mushroom
Knishe: Potato, Beef, Sweet Potato, Kasha or Spinach
Kugel Bites: Squash, Potato, or Jerusalem Noodle
Latkes: Potato with Apple Chutney
Latkes: Sweet Potato with Honey Mustard Sauce
Meatballs: Swedish, Sweet and Sour, or Italian
Moroccan Cigars: Veggie, or Potato
Mushroom Forest Cups
Mushrooms Caps with Quinoa Stuffing
Pastrami Club Roll-Ups
Salmon Club Roll-Ups
Scallion Pancakes with Hoisen Sauce
Spinach And Leeks in Phyllo Cup